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Skiing and boarding has changed radically in the past ten years. First and foremost, you don‘t have to look to the race course to see people moving fast. Each new generation of skiing and boarding technology has brought a noticeable boost to the average overall speed.

That applies both on and off the piste (prepared terrain). The park & pipe, powder cliffs and even perfectly groomed high-speed trails also hide risks that cannot be ignored.

To avoid potential injuries, we urgently recommend that skiers wear effective protective garments.

As part of MARKER‘s OTIS (Orthopedic Technology InSide) approach, we worked together with the University of Bologna to develop vests and shorts tailored to minimize the heightened risks in specific usage scenarios.

PSE Body offers revolutionary MAP technology and convincing benefits over previous products:
1. The closed-celled MARKER MAP (Multi-Impact Adaptive Polymer) absorbs significantly more energy than other foams of comparable thickness. It can even soak up multiple impacts, since the MAP immediately snaps back to its original form and is immediately ready to handle any subsequent strikes.
2. MAP‘s absorption performance is so strong that protectors built using the material can be designed thinner. Less material means lower weights.
3. MAP protective garments are insensitive to temperature, maintaining their protective effect even in the harshest cold.
4. MAP is highly flexible and automatically adapts itself to the body. That means better wearing comfort and better freedom of movement.
5. The distinctive honeycomb structure also reduces weight, delivers better flexibility and helps air circulate in large volumes (warm air canelmet and goggles must fuse together perfectly to work as one optimally functioning unit.