Volkl » Snowboard bindings


The Fastec System not only offers the perfect mixture of freedom and response, but also the fastest entry to a binding you could ever wish for.

Once adjusted to fit boots and personal riding style, the straps fit snugly for the rest of the season.

Simply engage the highback lever, close the Auto-Release Buckles and off you go.For fine-tuning on the mountain, the Fastec Prime Alu, Fastec Choice Alu and Fastec Utopia feature extra Micro Pump Buckles.

Like classic strap bindings, they offer additional support before a big drop or kicker.

You can also slightly unfasten the straps and add a bit more freedom for relaxed pow surfing.After a run, the Auto-Release System automatically widens the ankle strap once the highback is opened; this is especially handy for pushing on long cat tracks, allowing for super quick strapping in and unstrapping.