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Excellent products with unbeatable riding qualities – for 90 years this has  always been and will always be the ethos behind the Völkl brand.
Völkl Snowboards are unique because of the innovative capabilities of the development department and the in-house race laboratory, who research, test and experiment with the latest high-tech materials.

This passion for perfection is what a rider feels in each and every turn and jump.If our sophisticated technology is the roots of Völkl Snowboards, our team riders are its nurturing soil. It is they who scrutinize our boards to the full, in the most extreme conditions.
As long as snow falls we will live what we preach: the creation and enhancement of high tech products that make snowboarding an unrivaled experience.
Völkl built their first snowboards in 1987. Since then, we’ve been perfecting them and we’re proud of the unique developments and features we have introduced.

Völkl Premium Carbon, the legendary Horror-Shock Absorber, genius Powder Channel and the one and only Grip Lacquer Topsheet are just a few of the special creations from Völkl  Snowboards.