DALBELLO….The Fabulous 40!

On the stunning grounds of Dalbello Ski Boots International headquarters in Asolo, Italy, we celebrated our “Fabulous 40” year anniversary in business and, at the same time, the 76th birthday of Mr. Alessandro Dalbello, the founder of our great company. Mr. Dalbello continues to this day to lead our ski boot company’s production which, in total, amounts to more than 13 million pairs of ski boots. The celebration’s theme was represented by two numbers: 76 and 40. A commemorative book entitled simply 7640 was published to mark the occasion and to illustrate Dalbello’s amazing story. Welcoming the 350 guests attending the celebration, Alessandro Dalbello recalled his humble beginnings and his extraordinary journey that led him to create this  “Italian miracle”. “I was seventeen when I emigrated to Stein am Rhein in Switzerland. I remember even now that there were no suitcases in our house, we had to ask another family for one. It was made of  cardboard and I used string to tie up my few possessions in it”, commented Mr. Dalbello.  “My years in Switzerland were the best and I still think of them with fondness and nostalgia. In Switzerland, I found my independence, I made friends. I found love, and I found my way. I began my career 50 years ago in a basement, and now people from all around the world have come to Italy on this great occasion to celebrate me.” Facing a beautiful white event tent on a glorious Asolo summer evening, between exquisite courses of salmon and panzerotti with eggplant, a video retrospective depicted Dalbello’s 40 year history, with tributes to scores of famous Dalbello athletes across the years. From the stage, Alessandro Dalbello went on to describe the emotion of the evening: “The 10 spectacular medals – Gold, Silver, and Bronze – won at this year’s Winter Olympics Games in Sochi were Dalbello’s crowning achievement after forty years of work. They pay homage to my family and to the team that has accompanied me up to this point. “ We were honored by the presence of many world class and Olympic athletes – present and past – at this great evening. On hand were several of the strongest skiers in the freeskiing world. We were proud to host three Olympic champions who won medals for their countries at the XXII Olympic Games in Sochi: Marielle Thomson (CDN) – gold medal in women’s ski-cross, Devin Logan (USA) – silver medal in women’s slopestyle, and David Morris (AUS) – silver medal in men’s freestyle skiing aerials. Also celebrating with use were freeskiing icon Glen Plake, the world’s most popular freerider Sean Pettit, the italian scientist-freerider Martino Colonna, and the “azzurri” Giorgio Rocca and Kurt Ladstaetter. A wonderful evening was shared with good friends, old and new. We laughed together and we danced under the stars. From the Dalbello family, a sincere thank you for being with us all these years, with hope that the best years are still ahead of us. Thank you for your friendship,  your loyalty, and most important of all, thank you for having believed and for still believing in us.   Thank you, Dalbello Family

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