Völkl “Good Practice” evaluation by EUROSIMA’s ECORIDE project

The ECORIDE program is an initiative of the European boardsport association EUROSIMA and offers all brands in this industry a chance for voluntarily evaluation of their manufacturing processes and environmental commitments. The results spotlight in detail where improvements can and should be made, and provides recommendations on how this can be achieved most efficiently.

At Völkl we got a special mention for our energy efficiency, which is still unequalled in the whole of the wintersports industry. As yet we are the only ski and snowboard manufacturer to be officially certified by the ISO 50001 standards for energy management (LINK ZUR ISO NEWS). In addition to that, we’re also working with a closed water circuit, preserving natural resources while actively protecting the environment. Völkl did not receive three consecutive years of ispo ECO AWARDs without a reason!

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