Blizzard Skis Sport Ride IQ+IQ-LT 10 Bindings

Easy turn initiation through perfectly adjusted fl ex provide pleasure to the sportive skier in every situation.The extremely versatile sidecut, the partial sidewalls and the Sport Ride’s IQ System IQ guarantee ski-control, edge hold and precise steering.

117 / 72 / 99
Radius 16,3 m (165 cm)

IQ Sandwich Composite Sidewall
IQ System
+ Sidewall
+ Flexframe


IQ-LT 10
Din: 3-10
Skier’s weight: 30-105 kg
Brake: 80 mm
Features: IQ,AFD, BRC, LT Toe & Heel

PRICE: 354€

OFFER: 149€’s_Sport_RideIQ/ski-equipment-skis

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